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01 Growing

As a family-run business, we carefully select each and every flower that we grow commercially. We have 100% confidence in the quality of our flowers as each variety undertakes extensive trials to ensure we are happy with the vase life, strength and overall quality of the flower. We then propagate the flower to multiply the plant material for commercial production using hydroponics, all done all under strict growing conditions, to ensure we get the highest quality flower possible. Across our three farms we produce over 35 million stems annually boasting over 60 commercial varieties from a variety of international breeders.

02 Our Products

At Harvest, we specialize in cut roses and value-add bouquets for the retail and wholesale market. We grow three categories of roses; intermediate roses, t-hybrid roses and spray roses. Our packed at source bouquets are available in a variety of styles and sizes tailored for each market using a variety of foliage, filler and summer flowers.  Please request our online brochure for further details.

03 Logistics

All three flower farms are located within two hours of the Jomo Kenyatta international airport which allows for a quick turnaround time from orders to delivery. Kenya is a growers’ hub for exporting flowers, and with over 24 years growing experience, Harvest has established strong relationships with dedicated freight forwarders on the ground in Kenya. This ensures the flowers arrive at their destination in a timely and cost effective manner. We have a dedicated export team on the ground with 24-hour support to ensure all logistical points are addressed. The turnaround time from receiving an order to supplying the customer is between 48 and 60 hours.

03 Where we currently export to

We are currently exporting to a variety of world-wide markets on a daily basis, notably Europe, Eastern Europe, Asia, Australia, The Middle East and the US. Our dedicated export team on the ground ensure all shipments are handled in a professional and timely manner. We take great pride in dealing with a variety of international clients and can accommodate sales in GBP, USD and EURO.

 04 How our flowers get to you

Check out how our flowers get to you in our educational video. From the time a flower is cut to when it is packed and delivered to the airport,is an interesting journey which requires utmost care and strict procedures to ensure the flowers arrive in the best condition possible.

Meet the Team

Jay Williams

Managing Director

Jay joined Harvest Kenya in 2006 to set up the Sales and Marketing department with the desire to grow the business and expand into international markets. Having spent seven years in the UK running Harvest Flowers UK, he is now back in Kenya to continue the business that was started by his father, the late John Williams. Jay has a deep rooted passion to build Harvest UK and Harvest Kenya as a leading grower and supplier of bespoke trade bouquets and cut flowers into the market.


Biraj Williams

Director Finance

Biraj recently joined Harvest Ltd in 2016 bringing to the leadership team a wealth of experience in finance and business acumen. Previous experience in a large scale engineering business has enhanced Biraj’s ability to manage Finance departments for large organisations combined with a passion for detail and flowers.

Paul Salim

General Manager

Julius Oloo

Senior Production Manager

Julius joined Harvest Flowers 20 years ago when the farm had just two hectares of roses. Since then Julius has climbed the ranks and is now a very respected senior grower in the flower industry overseeing the growing of over 40 hectares of roses and other cut flowers. As well as having a deep rooted passion for growing flowers, Julius also helps leads the Christian fellowship for the workers at Harvest Flowers.